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Renting Lawn and Garden Equipment

Renting Lawn and Garden Equipment

It’s interesting to look around and see how the behaviors of humans have changed. Before there were video games, apps and PokémonGo, people used to go outside to work and play. You didn’t pay someone to cut your grass or fertilize your yard. People would go out and take pride in doing it themselves.  Your payment was the green stain on your shoes and the accomplishment of an honest days work.  This is why I appreciate the ability for one to rent lawn and garden equipment from the local hardware store.

            Renting lawn and garden equipment is easy, simple, and most importantly it saves! I’m just not talking about money. It saves time by decreasing the hassle of having to move heavy equipment such as rototillers and aerators and also saves space, as you don’t have to store the equipment in a garage or shed. After all, you know the wife likes to park her car in the garage so you have to make sure there’s room.  Saving is the biggest reason why you should rent lawn equipment. Now let’s talk about what to rent.  My recommendation is rent the equipment that you don’t need year round and for special projects that require a unique machine or additional power.  Tillers are a good example of a piece of equipment you can rent to start your garden. They can be rented in differently sizes, styles, and power capabilities.  Rototillers have the ability to break up the soil saving time and manual effort. They can even be used at the end of a growing season to plough garden waste back into the soil to decompose and add nutrients to it.  Another popular rental item is the chainsaw. It’s always handy to have a small chainsaw hanging in the garage as its useful and doesn’t take up a lot of space, but what happens when that big tree finally kicks the bucket and lands in your backyard? My hope is that you recognize the amount of firewood that was just laid out in front of you and you rent a chainsaw powerful enough to tackle the job. In addition, after you have cut all the logs, you can rent a splitter to turn those logs into firewood. All in all, you spend less money developing the firewood yourself by renting the necessary equipment than if a professional had delivered it to your doorstep.  No matter what needs to get done around your lawn and garden, there’s a tool you can rent to complete the task.  Lastly, renting lawn and garden equipment is a good time to try out different products and learn something new.

            Take advantage of the opportunity to get back outdoors and take care of your home. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars trying to own every single piece of equipment out there. Call your local dealer and rent the equipment you need to save time, space, and energy on the things you want to get done today.